When Will Atlantic City Taxpayers Finally Wake Up?

Mayor & AC High Principal

Atlantic City is the most wonderful, yet most screwed up town in the State of New Jersey. So much wasted potential.

Can Atlantic City be saved? Or will it simply stay a way to collect casino and gaming revenue that flows directly to the state?

Atlantic City taxpayers at a tipping point.

Sad but true. The handful of voters that pay little to no taxes, decide who’s gonna get elected to Atlantic City Council. Ex-con Craig Callaway plays substantial role in controversial GET OUT THE VOTE efforts. This nonsense gets openly-crooked thugs like Frank Gilliam elected.

After 2 years of embarrassing antics, with the help of FBI, we finally get AC Mayor Frank Gilliam to resign.

Today, we now have Mayor Marty. A big ego with a small mind. God forbid you challenge Marty Small. If you do, he’ll call you a racist.

Most recently, Marty Small compared Atlantic City to Alabama. Marty doesn’t like the idea of a smaller, more efficient form of city government. If you do…you might be a racist, according to people like Small.

And for God’s sake, don’t talk about Atlantic City’s expensive, yet failing school system. Marty’s wife, LaQuetta, is the principal of AC High School. A 30% chronic absentee rate. Less than 25% of Atlantic City high school students have proper math or language arts skills. No plan to fix this.

Marty thinks families may wanna move to Atlantic City? Fat chance. Crime, drugs, homelessness. AC is a growing social services magnet. Crappy schools too. Retail is fleeing.

Atlantic City Taxpayers better wake. More of the burden will be falling on you soon.

New tax hikes and property assessments are on the way for Atlantic City.

Good luck Marty. Good luck Atlantic City. You’ll both need it.

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