Votes For Sale. Call Craig Callaway.

From ACprimetime 2018 ARCHIVES: LISTEN > Is Craig Callaway’s voter messenger service really that important for winning a local election? According to WPG Morning sh*t stirrer, Harry Hurley, that answer is YES.

Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt agrees with his bff, Hurley. “You don’t win without the Callaway vote.”

Craig Callaway is known for his well-oiled, vote-by-mail and messenger ballot operation in the Atlantic City area.

On Wednesday morning Jan. 3, Hurley said NJ Senator-elect Chris Brown owes his November ’17 election win to Craig Callaway’s support. Really. This surprised listeners who thought Hurley’s daily, and ultimately false accusations of Brown opponent; Colin Bell, was key to Brown’s win.


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