Should We Change Form of Atlantic City Government?

ATLANTIC CITY — The group supporting an effort to alter the form of government is confident that it is doing what is best for the city’s future despite some lingering criticism and skepticism of their motives.

Atlantic City Residents for Good Government’s petition effort to force a referendum on changing the municipal government to a council-manager form is built on the premise that the current style of representation has allowed too many elected officials to further their own self-interests at the expense of the city and its residents.

1 thought on “Should We Change Form of Atlantic City Government?”

  1. This economic apartheid petition is wrong at every level of one’s constitutional right to vote for their local leadership.

    I unequivocally agree with Mayor Small and Chairman Goodman, Atlantic City should be governed by the people’s vote, and not a group of autocratic thinking angry men who are basically seeking a form of dictatorship over the Black community because they think the know best.

    Horrible but true, and let’s Unite to fight it 100%!

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