Rosenberger Questions Atlantic City Task Force

Dan Klein & Geoff Rosenberger, WOND Radio

Under pressure from local Democrat orgs, NJ Lt Gov Sheila Oliver appointed a task force to help solve Atlantic City’s financial problems.

Stop Atlantic City tax hike surprises.

The task force features AC Council President Marty Small and AC Mayor Frank Gilliam. Typical bad move. These two knuckleheads are useless as t*ts on a bull.

AC resident and Council candidate, Geoff Rosenberger, shared his views on the controversial Atlantic City Task Force:

The fact that Atlantic City’s task force met with no immediate results for axpayers surprised no one, especially the property owners of Atlantic City. The same politicos who drove the taxes up, and plunged Atlantic City into @ $500M in debt should not be those looking for solutions. They didn’t cure the problem the first few times around.

Under state guidance we have watched blight take over sections of town, poverty increase to over 40% of residents, owner occupancy continue to decrease as residents flee a failing town (coincidentally, the same happens on the state wide level), and a crime increase aided by becoming the dumping ground for social problems from throughout the region.

The state continues trying to build it’s way out of the problems, without addressing the underlying socioeconomic problems of poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and crime.

It’s very simple: the state takes too much money from Atlantic City. No matter how many ways we acknowledge this, it will not change until there is a movement to take back some of the money and power from the state who has killed the golden goose, leaving behind nothing but cracked eggs.

I am an independent candidate on the ballot in Column C. I believe it is time to start a class action suit against the state for taking and squandering our financial resources and leaving us without any real representation or civil rights.

11 thoughts on “Rosenberger Questions Atlantic City Task Force”

  1. You are right Geoff. Why are we continuing to pay Christie’s law firm millions? Why can’t Atlantic City keep the parking tax? I am a homeowner here and my taxes went up 25 percent. Home values are dropping due to the high taxes while more housing exempt from taxes are being built.

    1. Geoffrey Rosenberger

      Real Estate sales is one of my endeavors…. with over 40 years of experience dealing with monied people I have never faced a market as tough as Atlantic City… Now, as smaller investors were starting to come forward, the city chases them away. I have had two people specifically decide not to make offers because of the tax uncertainty, combined with the other current problems.

  2. Well started Candidste Rosenberger!

    More than an empty tax task force, Atlantic City needs a Private Sector Investment task force, with folks like you, Tom Forkin, Derek Brock, Jon Henderson, Thelma Witherspoon, Susan Korngut, Mark-Anthony Rassmann, Suhel Ahmed, Latoya Dunston, Pedro Santana, and several billionaires on it.

    The current tax force will possibly not create any new Atlantic City jobs, probably will not create any new local Black, White, Bangladesh, Latino, or Asian entrepreneurs or local wealth, probably will not create any new local recreation centers for Atlantic City’s youth, and at the end of the day will probably cost Atlantic City taxpayers more taxes.

    Atlantic City’s tax strategy is more simpler than a tax task force consisting of some of the individuals who created the problems, the strategy is “NO MORE TAX HIKES, AND LOWER TAXES ON CURRENT HOME OWNERS. ” No need to beat around the Bush Sir.

    God bless and God love Atlantic City!

  3. Geoffrey Rosenberger

    We’ve had this conversation before – It is so simple to put the people to work, and to make the city work, but the CRDA, and every other state agency combined that has their claws into Atlantic City are not prepared to think past their selfish interests….. Current council is ineffective because the state runs the town, but once elected, I intend to take a different approach to the state, and show them Atlantic City is full of qualified leadership, yourself included…. Look at all you’ve accomplished outside the area when people cooperated. One of the problems is the way we elect with messenger and absentee ballots… The state legislators won’t pass laws to truly fix it, because they use the broken system too… Bought votes go to the highest bidder…. Republican or Democrat

  4. I don’t know much about this issue Candidate Rosenberger but I have tremendous confidence in you to understand the guts of a problem and therefore an appropriate solution. I am very happy with Mayor Gilliam’s support of our organization and think that as far as task force’s go for the worst public health crisis of our time, a people’s task force is needed because the best solutions certainly come from people who lived the problem. I look forward to supporting your candidacy. Great move.

    1. Geoffrey Rosenberger

      There are indeed many different ideas to pursue…. And I will bring those ideas forward. We have to fix Atlantic City before we can change Atlantic City.

  5. I think it’s a brilliant idea to sue the state to get some of the revenue generated from the casinos. From my understanding Christie has redirected the tax from CRDA to AC debt which is great. But this is temporary for the duration of the PILOT programs 10 years. I think this should just be the start for people to fight for ACs money. Property taxes in AC should be zero as much as tax as the casinos generate!!!!

  6. Geoffrey Rosenberger

    I agree, and so do many residents…. There is just too much money flowing out of town in the form of taxes to the state. I believe one of the promises of casinos was taxes would all but disappear. Imagine if that had happened! People and businesses would have flocked to town. In the beginning of the casino era, great things were happening. The more the city got mismanaged, and the more the state intervened, the worse the city became. The trigger button is simple…. We want some of what is ours, and we want our city fixed…. quickly.

  7. Taxes are extreme in New Jersey 50 to 60 % of your tax bill go to school system /education , pension paid after tenure those worked in this education system. The tax base has to pay the bill ,so taxes keep going up to pay those teachers salaries and later their pensions. The school teachers , police , fire fighter salaries , municipal workers all have copied the trade unions way to get increases % every work year into their contracts by creating their own locals. Companies go bankrupt/broke if their bid fails pay the labor , operations overhead , turn a profit . In the business of government when broke you just raise the base taxes of the homeowners to keep moving forward @ expense of the taxpayers , basically its citizens who have their home there constantly /yearly go into more debt when taxes are raised by its elected leaders . This makes a city have blight area’s in it due to high municipal operating debt coupled with high taxes bestowed on its homeowners . Atlantic City has generated many types of employment with the Casino’s and if not for that the homeless plight be scene on our streets more so but people have jobs , problem is these taxes have made a working poor even though employed in this region ! Am a member Painters Union #277 , retired ACBP . Atlantic City did one thing in government eliminate tax payer debt , discontinued the pension of the ACBP . In closing the state must work together with Atlantic City and share the benefits of the Casino’s. A Board of new members outside of the previous local players who have got us no where must step out /go away , give 2 nd breath fresh air may think together for better good yes ! I believe job be shared be best 50% state /50% local board .

  8. I’m a resident here in AC and I have issues with my housing being a haven for drug dealers and prostitution directly in front of children (i.e. in the halls and steps of building) even as the children come and go to school. I have been shot at and assaulted numerous times and I am fifty five years old! There is mold and other code enforcement issues with the apartment building I live in as well and code enforcement is a joke.

    Police and even firefighters morale is low. The city government is a sick joke at this point! Residents are now so desensitized to the junkies, and other miscreants who adversely affect our tourism, that a cripple like me ( I am a five foot / 90 lb ) woman can get beat at the entry door of the building , as I leave/enter the apartment building and no one does squat! I live across from the Public Safety Building but the police can’t baby sit me , nor every building of dubious repute, and thanks to the state ( and lame duck AC !) government it’s gotten worse! I’m an independent voter but I am a results type of person and I’m not into voting for a platitude spouting politician!

    What exactly will you do to exact change for this , pardon the expression, white elephant called Atlantic City?!

    Thanks for any response given and I was amused by your initial outreach!

    1. Geoffrey Rosenberger

      Thank you for your comments – I agree with everything you write with the exception of one – I am not a platitude spouting politician – I am a 62 year old man who has never run for public office nor been employed in the public sector – I am a private citizen who has decided to get involved and change direction – I am affected and witness the same things you do – I attend most CRDA meetings – In the past I have shown the board pictures of a man injecting himself in the middle of the tourism zone – pictures of our broken infrastructure, identified the fact that a hooker just jumped in my car, etc – they tell me it’s not their problem, and to basically sit down and shut up – in the past their meetings were videoed and there is evidence of the things I have to say and the direction I would like to see us head – we must change course for different results – AC can be a showplace but those who live here must put aside our differences to work on the many things which lead to our agreement and resultant progress – I have upped the ante, and with another mayor put out of office, have decided to run for mayor – Currently, my growing team has in development a web site which will contain as much information on economic and social direction collected in one spot as we can gather. I have been writing on things I would like to see in AC for many years and with the help of the citizenry can effectuate change. If you are on Facebook, please like “Geoff’s Page – Atlantic City forum to observe problems and offer solutions”. Further, feel free to call me if you would like to discuss anything – 609-385-7585

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