Guenther & ACIT Hurting EHT, other School Districts.

Greenhead Phil Guenther ACIT EHT
Greenhead Phil Guenther

Social feedback: ACIT & Guenther hurting EHT school district. From Peggy Capone:

Can you imagine dining at a restaurant, paying the bill, only to receive an additional bill for the dinner two years later? If we wouldn’t let a business get away with this dubious practice, let’s hold our government to the same standard.

Phil Guenther & ACIT Hurting EHT & Regional School Districts

For the past five years, the Atlantic County Institute of Technology, or ACIT, has made tuition “adjustments” (read: increases of 25% to 45%) to the original quoted expense.

I think these delayed increases are the result of shopping sprees led by Superintendent Phil Guenther.

The expenses fall on Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District to fulfill, siphoning crucial budgetary line items.

This will undermine the successful education the Greater Egg Harbor School District has provided, in sending our students to top universities and colleges.

Peggy Capone
Mays Landing
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