ACIT’s Phil Guenther Forcing School Districts to Pay More.

ACIT Supervisor Phil “Greenhead’ Guenther under fire for expanding his vocational school and forcing sending districts to pay more. Did you know? ACIT (Atlantic County Institute of Technology) doesn’t have to follow a mandated 2% expense cap each year….like most municipalities do. Guenther can spend big…knowing that sending school districts will foot the expansion bill

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Atlantic Casinos Are Doing Great, While Residents Suffer

While most surviving casinos and their employees are doing well again, most others in Atlantic City are not. Former Governor Christie did not create Atlantic City’s problems. He made them worse. When Christie became Governor in 2010, Atlantic City taxes were so high that even casinos could no longer afford them. Five of them shut

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MASSIVE Atlantic City Tax Hike.

Homeowners in Atlantic City say they are experiencing sticker shock over soaring property tax bills. Homeowners now owe an average of nearly $700 per year more, thanks to increases in school and county taxes. The city and state say the increases may bring “pain and hardship to some homeowners.” “This is the mess we got,”

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