Atlantic City Socialite Hill Denied 3rd MUA Term. Loses $36,000 Job.

Archive audio & video from JAN 2017. This coveted MUA / Municipal Utilities Authority position costs Atlantic City taxpayers $36,000 annually.

For the past 10 years, Mr. Gary Hill, who also serves as a CRDA board member, received an annual $6,000 MUA / salary. In addition, Mr. Hill has enjoyed a platinum healthcare package for himself and his husband, ex AC Councilman; John Schultz.

If re-appointed, the MBCA & Schultz-Hill Foundation executive would have been grandfathered into another 5 year MUA term that includes full healthcare. Since 2011, health-care is no longer offered to part-time municipal personnel in AC.

On the Jan. 27 2017 edition of the ‘Hurley in the Morning‘ radio show, Harry Hurley shared this news with his listening audience.

AC Councilman George Tibbitt called in to discuss this failed MUA resolution.

WPG’s Hurley calls this audio clip: “seven minutes of gold.” It’s how political sausage is made.

Opponents of Hill say his MUA board position barely qualifies as a part-time job, but still provides for platinum health plan including eye care & dental. LISTEN HERE >

1 thought on “Atlantic City Socialite Hill Denied 3rd MUA Term. Loses $36,000 Job.”

  1. The political pigs diveying up our tax dollars. It’s a gang with hundreds of millions of dollars to dole out amongst themselves and their friends.

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