ACIT’s Phil Guenther Forcing School Districts to Pay More.

ACIT Supervisor Phil “Greenhead’ Guenther under fire for expanding his vocational school and forcing sending districts to pay more.

Did you know? ACIT (Atlantic County Institute of Technology) doesn’t have to follow a mandated 2% expense cap each year….like most municipalities do. Guenther can spend big…knowing that sending school districts will foot the expansion bill of his vocational school.

Last year, Guenther was ‘highly encouraged’ to step down after 27 yrs of being Mayor of Brigantine. Guenther angered local business by forcing local pre-schools to close, in order to artificially boost enrollment in his 2 half empty schools….and receive major grant money.

Allegedly, Brigantine received grant funding from the State….that they may NOT have qualified for. SEE MORE >

3 thoughts on “ACIT’s Phil Guenther Forcing School Districts to Pay More.”

  1. Geoffrey Rosenberger

    I am glad to see this site as a place all stakeholders, and not just the residents can talk things through… Up and down the coast, there are examples of towns that have been held accountable when the out of town taxpayers joined in the conversation… The unsettled tax situation in AC is not helping smaller guys make the decision to invest in Atlantic City… I have had a couple of people tell me that is exactly why they decided against buying recently. Moreover, the current task force empowered to look into it is composed of many of the very people who created it. When are we going to stop putting the fox in charge of the hen house?

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